donderdag 25 juli 2013

++++ 4 days of movies, music and art under the Akropolis +++++ an exciting cocktail of short films operating outside the box +++++ come & see!!! ++++ at the MEROPION FOUNDATION - Akropolis Metro, at a 200 metres walk opposite the Herodion Theatre +++++ PRESS RELEASE 30 JUNE 2013 +++++
Crossing Borders is a  free festival !!!

The Meropion Foundation,right next to the Akropolis

The Crossing Borders Festival is hosted by the Meropion Philanthropic Foundation, a 200-metre walk from the Akropolis Metro station. The Meropion is located right on the pedestrian zone that leads you around the Akropolis. It's hard to find a more impressive location! 

Programme 25 - 28 July

Every night, the film programme starts at 20h. From 18h, the Open Border Cafe, set in a lovely courtyard, will provide you with drinks, snacks and surprise performances!

Thursday 25 july 2013: "Poikilia"


Crossing Borders kicks off with an official welcome by the organisers and a presentation of our guests and our programme.


On this first evening, the festival presents a cross-section of contributions from all over the world...

Indonesian Fashion...

During its 4-day run, Crossing Borders presents a collection of documentaries from a little-known but endlessly fascinating country: Indonesia. The works were compiled by fashion designer, actor and film maker Amron-Paul Yuwono, who is based on Java and Bali. Our Saturday night will be "Indonesia Night". Tonight we will show a sample of some of the trendsetting fashion events Mr Yuwono organises on Bali.


Our special guest Tamara Erde, to whose work the Friday evening is dedicated, will present two trailers of films she is currently working on, called Crazy People Here and Teaching Ignorance. Both works take a look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, looking at it from both sides of the border, asking painful but necessary questions. Teaching Ignorance is scheduled to appear on French national television in 2014.

Video Art...

Exclusively for the Crossing Borders Film Festival, art historian Vassiliki Athena Vayenou has compiled a collection of work by Greek video artists centered around the theme of "Crossing Borders". The full programme will be shown on Sunday 28 July, but on the opening nights two works will be shown by video artists Efi Fouriki  and Stelios Dexis / Myrto Vounatsou (click on their names for more info)

Greek Short Films...

Especially for Crossing Borders, Film Director Simos Korexenidis compiled a programme of contemporary Greek short films, which all deal with personal, geographical and psychological borders. On this first evening, we show the award-winning "Chamomile" and Mr Korexenidis' own 'Mercedes'.

CHAMOMILE by Neritan Zinxhiria (ΧΑΜΟΜΗΛΙ - ΝΕΡΙΤΑΝ ΖΙΝΤΖΙΡΙΑ) - 2012 - 15 min - best short feature film of the Greek Film Academy 2013, winner of the Fiction Golden Horseman at the 25th Dresden Filmfest -from the jury rapport:
"Chamomile impressed the jury by its stillness and archaic nature. The strong visuals get stuck in your head. (...)  a little gem." 


After a life as an emigrant in Germany, a Greek man comes back to his village. His old friends eye him with suspicion. Why did he come back? And look at his fine clothes, look at his Mercedes, he  is surely a rich man now...

Friday 26 July 2013: an evening with Tamara Erde

Tamara Erde (1982) is a film director and artist, living and working in Paris. In her work, she often deals with political and social issues. Her works mix her personal and imaginary reflections with a documentary approach, accompanied by profound research on the selected themes.
 Especially for  Crossing Borders, she agreed to present some of her short films which show the struggle of individuals with the borders and limitations put in their path... 

JERICHO - fiction, 2010 - 30 min. 
After months in Jericho, trying to document life there to understand “her war” better, an Israeli film director decides to seek for it far away, in the forests of Europe. She sets up an appointment with a Palestinian friend...

GALIBOR - Documentary-Experimental, 2012 - 50 min
A voyage in modern-day Slovenia. In the midst of political changes, the film meets several different characters, and portrays through these encounters how they experience the changes

ROBER - Documentary, 2008 - 20 min.
"I never knew my father. I was one year old when he died and my mother never talked to me about him. Nor did I ask. An agreeable silence. At the age of twenty four I felt that it was time to break that silence."

VERY HEAVY STONES - Documentary, 50 min
Tamar Borer, a Butoh dancer and choreographer, was hurt in a car accident which left her in a wheel chair for the rest of her life. Yet, she manages to develop an approach to dancing which allows her to almost ignore her limitation. 

Saturday 27  July: Indonesia calling!

+++++Greek Premiere+++++

Tonight, the festival shows a series of Indonesian documentaries, compiled by fashion designer, actor and film maker 
Amron-Paul Yuwono, who is based on Java and Bali. We met himon Bali in winter, and he has put a lot of effort in finding eye-opening works from his country. NB: Amron has also been working as the stylist of the Obama family in the White House! 

20.00h JUNGLE TEACHER (GURU RIMBA) - by Vivian Idris - Indonesia - 2010 - 55 min

The documentary Guru Rimba, which means jungle teacher, is a profile of the teacher and students in a unique school located in the rainforests on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, showing how the students are leading the efforts of the 3,000 Orang Rimba or jungle people in the Anak Dalam tribe to protect their land. 

21.30H - WORKING GIRLS - by Nia Di Nata - Indonesia - 2009 - 80 min

Speaking not just to all working women, but to everyone who is trying to rise and struggle in order to have a better life, the characters in Working Girls are the breadwinners of their family. Some work so they can afford just enough food to survive. Their passion for their work may seem trivial, but like all of us they struggle for their dreams too.

Sunday 28 July - Video Art and the Power of Music...


The Sunday evening will start with a collection of Video Art, produced by Greek artists and compiled by art historian Vassiliki Vayenou.

“At the core of every action of borders’ crossing lies the value of personal experience in an ever-changing world of mass migration, mass destruction and mass communication. Contemporary artists are modern nomads motivated equally by internal and external stimuli. Their way of crossing artistic borders co-exists with the large-scale cross border travel, both working synergistically to erode distinctions between the local and the global. The selection of videos presented at Crossing Borders Film Festival at the Meropion Center explores relations between the individual and his/her time and space, visions and limitations, fusions and confusions of a globalized world, aspects of our current interconnected era and interlaced economic, social and political networks.”

                                                                               Vassiliki Athena Vayenou

                                                                                         Art historian

Video Art from the following artists will be shown (click on their names for more info):

1. Efi Fouriki   
2. Alexandros Kaklamanos    
3. Angeliki Makri
4. Stelios Dexis / Myrto Vounatsou
5. Yiannis Pappas 
6. Maria Schina  
7. Mary Christea  
8. Makis Faros  

21H: GREEK SHORT FILMS (subtitled in English)

Film Director Simos Korexenidis compiled a programme of contemporary Greek short films, which all deal with personal, geographical and psychological borders. 

JAFAR by Nancy Spetsioti (ΤΖΑΦΑΡ - ΝΑΝΣΙ ΣΠΕΤΣΙΩΤΗ) - 2011 - 3 min - an award winner at the 2011 Short Film Festival in Drama (GR)
Jafar is sitting in the waiting area of a hospital. The parents of 9- year-old Anna discourage her from sitting next to him...

ONE MORE DANCE by Simos Korexenidis,(ΕΝΑΣ ΧΟΡΟΣ ΑΚΟΜΗ – ΣΙΜΟΣ ΚΟΡΕΞΕΝΙΔΗΣ)- 2012 - 12 min
Mrs Katy prepares a birthday party for Yannis, her husband. Nothing stopped her seeing him as her ideal other half. Even now that their son, Kostas, is in revolt...

ARUNDEL by Konstantina Kotzamani(ΑΡΟΥΝΤΕΛ - ΚΩΝ/ΝΑ ΚΟΤΖΑΜΑΝΗ)- 2012 - 18 min
In an isolated place a young woman receives letters from a strange man.  At first the characters live separately without anything connecting them. However as the narration unfolds, the letters seem to interweave their lives in an unusual way.

TWO OF A KIND by Achilleas Kyriakidis (ΙΔΙΟΤΗΤΕΣ ΤΟΥ 2 - ΑΧΙΛΛΕΑΣ ΚΥΡΙΑΚΙΔΗΣ) - 2012 - 15 min

A man is quite literally confronted with himself - in a melancholic cinematographic game of real and fake identities.

The movie tells the story of a radio station that was set up as a therapy initiative to help underaged drug users


"An unfinished love story on wheels, between passengers on a night train"

And then we are proud to present the final contribution to the festival... :

23.00H: CALLING THE TUNE by François Théry (F) - 2009 - 45 min

This documentary aims to show the effect of a long-standing dictatorship on the musical culture of a country. It follows the story of Mr Myung Whun Chung, orchestra conductor of Radio France and the Seoul Philharmonic, and his attempt to bring musicians from North and South Korea together for a unique concert... Something that looks and sounds impossible. But is it, really?

Logo by Evert Albers -
about the festival...

The Crossing Borders Festival puts into action a simple but vital idea: to promote culture for free, in particular movies and music which take a wide perspective and are mind-broadening - and thus to promote creative interaction and solidarity, crossing geographical, personal and psychological borders...

The festival is organised by the Meropion Foundation and Ruard Wallis de Vries, who is also co-organising the Summer Island Movie Festival SIMF on the island of Samos, 9-21 July 2013 (check out the SIMF 2013 programme)

The Crossing Borders Team

Starring in alphabetical order:

Bente Kristin Bruu
George Gioldasis
Ruard Wallis de Vries
Vassiliki Athena Vayenou